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Some of my photos from the Roundhouse.


Graham Coxon @ Roundhouse, London 2014/08/02

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New Songs:

Live Debut of Old Songs:

  • Where’d You Go? (from The Sky Is Too High)
  • Ribbons and Leaves (from Happiness In Magazines)
  • Flights to the Sea ( from Love Travels At Illegal Speeds)
  • Walking Down the Highway (from The Kiss Of Morning)
  • Light Up Your Candles (B-side from You & I single)
  • Tell It Like It Is (from Love Travels At Illegal Speeds)


Graham joined Damon onstage for Tender at Latitude Festival 2014/07/19.


More of Damon and Graham at Latitude Festival (via stay4ever0)


A snippet of Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon performing “Tender” (via stay4ever0)

Damon Albarn & Graham Coxon @ Latitude Festival 19/07/14

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Damon Albarn - Kids With Guns (outro) @ Exit Festival, Novi Sad 12/07/14 | video by me

some guitar action:D